Jumyoung Lee

A designer and curator based in Seoul and New York, focusing on brand identity and type design. 

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Working Scope

Founded in 2021, Haesi is a contemporary home-lifestyle brand in Korea. Named after a Korean folk language, ‘Haesi’ (the time between 9 to 11 PM), the brand name contains a wish for customers to end the day and prepare for the future one step ahead through the products of Haesi.

Haesi was growing on the basis of K-culture in India and other overseas markets, but its low brand awareness in Korea made it difficult to embrace its potential customers. This has led to the need for new identity that caters beyond cosmetics and furniture to customers’ overall lifestyle experiences.

Beginning with the diagnosis of the previous brand, I conducted an analysis of Haesi’s future brand direction and potential customer base. Subsequently, I developed a new brand identity in alignment with the new brand strategy.

Implanting Korean Lettering System into Latin Letterforms Hangeul(Korean) has a very unique lettering system that combines consonants and vowels to pronounce each syllable. Hangeul is the only language in the world that has a such system.

To implement that system, I decomposed Latin equivalents from the horizonal baseline and reassembled as Hangeul. During this process, 'S' and 'i' were carefully handcrafted into a ligature to indiciate it is a single syllable.

Logo System

Logotype gets easily affected by various factors: the size of the final product, the medium to be printed, the post-processing and etc. Haesi's logo system was designed to maintain visual consistency in such environments.

Standard: For use at H: 50px and above.
Standard Small: For use below H: 50px.
Standard Shortened: For use below H: 50px and where vertical space is restricted to depict full mark.

Knockout: For use at H: 50px and above on dark background.
Knockout Small: For use below H: 50px and above on dark background.
Knockout Shortened: For use below H: 50px and where vertical space is restricted to depict full mark on dark background.

Standard vs. Knockout

In a dark background, bright objects create an optical illusion that look larger than they really are. The Knockout logotype has thinner strokes and wider space between each letterforms to prevent this illusions.

Standard vs. Small

Standard Small is a simplified version that reduces the contrast of text strokes and is designed to make logotype visible in poor print environments or even on small displays.

Graphic Motif

Inspired by traditional Korean patchwork, Jogakbo, the graphic motif system uses several parts of the wordmark and stitches them into typographic patterns. 


Design: Jumyoung Lee

Minion,  Frame Text, Helvetica Now